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Below is a brief description of the Spirit of Prophecy series books featured on www.ellenwhiteaudio.net.

Steps to Christ
This inspiring audio book is a practical guide on how to find salvation in Jesus Christ.  It shows how this salvation is a gift from God that we cannot earn.  Not only does it reveal how to obtain this salvation, but how we can keep it.  If you follow the steps in this outstanding book, you will truly be one of the most happy people in the world and can rejoice in His salvation.

The Sanctified Life
An audio e-Book showing how Jesus and the characters of the Bible give us examples of how we can live holy lives.

Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing
An audio e-Book that comments on the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew.  This inspiring book applies this sermon to our daily lives.

Christ’s Object Lessons
An audio e-Book which takes the parables of Christ and applies them to daily life.  This inspiring book is one of my personal favorites!

The Great Controversy
This most outstanding audio e-Book in the Spirit of Prophecy series talks about the ongoing controversy or confrontation going on between Christ and Satan and takes us behind the scenes of history to show us how this battle has been played out.  It also brings to us a picture of the future, including the role that America will play in earth’s closing events.

The Desire of Ages
This book is the number one book checked out from the library of congress on the life of Christ.  Your heart will thrill as you behold Jesus, the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world.  It is a personal favorite of mine.  I have read it four times and constantly use its instruction for my life.  You will truly be blessed by this book!!!

Patriarchs and Prophets
In this audio book, you will hear the vivid account of how a mighty angel in heaven led one third of the other angels to rebel against God and how they were cast out of heaven.  Following this account, you will look on as God creates the world in all of its beauty. You will see  how sin first came to be upon planet earth. Beginning at Adam and ending with David, you will learn how each of the patriarchs and prophets of the Bible found hope in the promise of the soon coming Messiah.  You will rejoice as you find that the recurring theme of this book is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  I pray that you will also find that not only was God a friend to the heroes of the old Testament, but that He can be your friend too.

Acts of the Apostles  
Have you ever wished that you could be there when the early church was formed; that you could walk in the shoes of great men of faith such as Peter and Paul?  This book takes you back to the times of the apostles of Jesus.  As you read you will find God's ideal for His church on this earth and will be challenged to experience the same wonder working power that the apostles experienced.  Most of all, you will get a clearer picture of the Jesus whom these men sacrificed all to preach to the ends of the earth!!!

Prophets and Kings
This book begins with the end of the reign of David through the prophets of the Jewish nation.  You will hear about great men of God like Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah.  You will thrill as you see the great mercy and forbearance of Jehovah.  You will marvel at God's patience as He determines to fulfill His purpose of bringing salvation within reach of every man.

Christ Our Savior
This book tells the story of Jesus for children.  The language is simple and to the point.

he Ministry of Healing
This book contains much material that was not able to be included in the Desire of Age.  It shows how Jesus ministered to others by providing their physical needs.  It then gives sound biblical instruction as to how we also can minister to others in the same way that Jesus did.  This is one of the most practical books I have ever read.

This may seem to be a simple title for a book, but it contains some of the most important information on how to educate the whole person, not only for the current world but for the world to come. If you are an educator, you will not want to miss this book. If you are a parent you will find it invaluable for training your children.

This book focuses on the forty days in which Christ was tempted in the wilderness with the intention of providing us with the Biblical tools that we need to resist temptation victoriously in the same way that Christ did.  It emphasizes the fact that we truly can overcome as He overcame!!

Testimonies for the Church, Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 contains many inspiring counsels from the pen of Ellen G. White which we would do well to heed today! I pray that they may encourage you and your family to come up higher!

Spiritual Gifts, Book 1-2 and 3-4 contains the earliest writings of Ellen White on the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.

Early Writings
is the most informative and useful book ever written by the pen of inspiration.  You will read of the experience and views of Ellen G. White.  This book gives some of the most detailed descriptions of the things God showed to her.  A must listen.

A Word to the Little Flock was written jointly by Ellen G. White and her husband, James S. White along with Joseph Bates and was the first booklet with Mrs. White's name on it.  It was encouragement to the scattered believers in the soon coming of Jesus Christ to this earth to take His remnant people home.

Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers as its title suggests is a compilation of testimonies from the pen of Ellen G. White laying down Biblical principal which are indispensable for those who labor in the ministry. I am sure this book will be a blessing to pastors as well as laymen.

Counsels on Health
contains many counsels from the pen of inspiration which we would do well to heed today! Health and spirituality is the subject of this eye opening book.  I pray that you may be encouraged to treat your body as the temple for God which it is!

Gospel Workers
This revised and enlarged edition needs but few words of introduction.  The First edition, issued in 1892 has become a highly prized handbook of counsel and instruction to ministers and other missionary workers.  Since the publication of the first edition, the ever active pen of the author has produced much of vital interest on this subject.  The work on this book was completed after the author had closed her active life work as a writer and speaker.  It represents therefore a compilation from her complete writings

Fundamentals of Christian Education contains many counsels in the area of education.   That this volume may serve yet more fully as a guide to parents and teachers in advancing "the most delicate work ever entrusted to mortals," that of bringing "man back into harmony with God," is the earnest desire of the publishers.

Life Sketches
is the autobiography of this remarkable lady.  Of Mrs. White, it may assuredly be said, "she hath done what she could."  Hers was a life filled with inspiration for all engaged in soul-winning service.

Sketches from the Life of Paul
was preceded by the "Acts of the Apostles" and brings out timeless lessons from the life of this man who was the greatest of missionaries, aside from Jesus Christ Himself.

Healthful Living The purpose of this little work is to present in the most concise and condensed form possible the various teachings upon the subjects of health, health reform, and allied matters, which are to be found in the writings of Mrs. E. G. White.  The numerous paragraphs which have been brought together in this volume have been selected from many thousands of printed pages which have appeared in various forms from Mrs. White’s pen during the previous thirty-four years to this book's publication, and in addition a large mass of manuscript which has never before appeared in print.  Now it is available in audio form for you listening pleasure and instruction.

Christian Service The desire to place in the hands of all Christian workers, instruction bearing specifically upon the need, importance, methods, and reward of earnest, consecrated missionary endeavor, has led to this work.  This volume may appropriately be termed an encyclopedia of Christian service.

Counsels to Parents, Teachers and Students contains many counsels in the area of education.   That this volume may serve yet more fully as a guide to parents and teachers in advancing "the most delicate work ever entrusted to mortals," that of bringing "man back into harmony with God," is the earnest desire of the publishers.


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